Chapter 8

Chapter 8

In the last chapter, Cinderella invited Paxton over for dinner which surprised Pocahontas, Francesca and Elijah patched things up after a quarrel, Erin became a young adult with artistic ambitions, and Pocahontas became a young adult but with more vengeful revelations.

As the sun rises, so does the family.

Francesca starts the day off with a fun bubble bath that makes her become playful.

05-18-15_11-22 PM

05-18-15_11-23 PM-2.jpg

Cindy plants new vegetables for Cinderella to cook meals with.

04-09-15_1-50 AM.jpg

Aden flexes his muscles in his selfie… well the muscle without the muscle.

04-08-15_11-08 PM

Erin seems to have this tense crick in her neck.

“Aughh. Ow. I need a massage.” Erin groans.

04-11-15_12-30 AM

04-11-15_12-30 AM-2

Cinderella cooks her family excellent meals.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 23.31.19..png

Screenshot 2015-06-11 23.31.26

Pocahontas attempts to become active.. but she looks like she hates this punching bag.. or is she scared of it.

05-16-15_12-37 PM

05-16-15_12-38 PM

After getting pumped up for tonight, she is ready to make the call for Andy to come over.

“It’s time, Andy” she says. “time for you to meet Cinderella.”

05-18-15_11-37 PM.jpg

Of course she warns Cinderella about the special guest.

“Cinderella, I have to tell you something.” Pocahontas says.

“What is it dear?” Cinderella asks.

05-18-15_11-53 PM

“You might want to dress in something a little more appetizing, for the arrival of our unexpected guest.” Pocahontas giggles.

05-18-15_11-54 PM.jpg

“How delightful.” Cinderella exclaims out of excitement as she changes into something more fitting.

When Andy arrives, Pocahontas grabs his hands immediately and asks “Are you ready?”

“I’m always ready for you.” he says.

“Let’s go rock her world.” Pocahontas laughs.

05-18-15_11-48 PM

I knew she would come around to how I see things eventually. She just needed a little push. Luckily I invited him over last night on Erin’s birthday. Now to go see Paxton under better circumstances. Cinderella thinks as she gets dressed.

However when she meets them at the front of the house, things are different then what they seem.

Who on earth is this? Cinderella confounded. This is not Paxton at all.


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