Chapter 7

Chapter 7

In the last chapter, Cindy becomes a young adult with a job in the business department, Aden works hard to boost his failing grades, Francesca caught Elijah flirting with someone else, and after Pocahontas’s outing with Andy, she comes home to something unexpected. What was it?

Paxton is at her house again..

05-16-15_3-17 PM

What is he doing here? Pocahontas agonizes. ..and on such a special occasion.

05-16-15_3-17 PM-2

05-16-15_3-18 PM-2.jpg

For the sake of Erin’s birthday I’ll be nice, Pocahontas concludes.. This is probably just a coincidenceI won’t ruin tonight for her, as she puts on a smile.

05-16-15_3-18 PM-4.jpg

Meanwhile, Aden increases his handiness skill.

05-16-15_12-16 PM

Cindy seems to have to go to the restroom.

04-08-15_7-02 PM.jpg

Francesca is feeling very down after watching Elijah flirt with someone else.

She relieves her distress by crying in her bed…

05-16-15_11-11 AM

and calling the sadness hotline.

05-16-15_11-14 AM-2.jpg

Until she is greeted by Elijah in the front of her home.

05-16-15_11-48 AM.jpg

“What do you want, Elijah?”, Francesca asks.

He tries to explain himself and apologize, but she completely cuts him off.

“I honestly don’t want to hear anything you have to say.” Francesca states.

05-16-15_11-49 AM

He even tries to flirt with her to get into her good graces again,

“Francesca you know you are so beautiful.” Elijah compliments.

… but that does not go so well with her.

05-16-15_11-51 AM.jpg

05-16-15_11-51 AM-2

“Elijah, don’t give me that crap! I know your angle and I am not going to tolerate it!” Francesca rages.

05-16-15_11-52 AM

“I’m just trying here.” Elijah states.

05-16-15_11-53 AM

“Well try with someone else. Sayonara.” Francesca says, standing.. waving, with a feeling of regret and sadness rushing over her as she watches him leave.

05-16-15_12-01 PM

That night the family comes together to celebrate Erin’s transition from teenager to young adult.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 23.14.34

Screenshot 2015-06-11 23.16.09

05-16-15_3-24 PM.jpg

Erin is now a young adult with a job in the art department as a Palette Cleaner.

05-16-15_3-25 PM.jpg

Everyone sits together for dinner.

05-16-15_3-31 PM.jpg

I think they might actually be hitting it off, Cinderella assumes, Inviting him on the same day as Erin’s birthday was a marvelous idea indeed.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 23.20.47.jpg

I can’t wait for this dinner to be over. Pocahontas thinks. I’m tired of smiling, pretending to like him.

05-16-15_3-34 PM-2.jpg

Sigh, finally over. My poker face was fantastic. Pocahontas thinks, congratulating herself.

05-16-15_3-35 PM.jpg

At the dinner, Francesca’s mood was lightened immensely, however she still felt a morsel of regret.

Eventually, she asked Cindy for advice…

“He did it right in front of me!” Francesca frustrates, “on our outing together.”

“Are you serious!?” Cindy says.

05-16-15_12-39 PM-3.jpg

I knew I never liked him from the start. Cindy thinks.

05-16-15_12-40 PM.jpg

“So what should I do? I miss him so much but his behavior infuriated me.”

She must really love him. Cindy establishes.

“Yes, what he did was really wrong,” Cindy states. “Did he apologize?”

“He tried to.. but I wouldn’t let him.” Francesca explains.

“What do you think about giving him a second chance?” Cindy asks.

05-16-15_12-39 PM-2

“I guess I could try to,” Francesca concludes. “Thank you, Cindy.”

Suddenly, Francesca’s phone rings. It’s Elijah asking for a second chance. He wants to make it up to her by taking her out on a date. She excitingly says yes.

Upon her arrival, she couldn’t hold back her excitement. They immediately embrace.

05-16-15_3-39 PM

05-16-15_3-40 PM

“I am so sorry about what happened earlier today.” Elijah apologizes as he kisses her hand. “It won’t ever happen again.”

05-16-15_3-49 PM.jpg

“Forgive me, Francesca?” He asks.

“Of course I do.” Francesca says quickly. “I love you, Elijah.”

“I love you too, Francesca.” He says smiling.

05-16-15_3-47 PM.jpg

There date ends with Francesca giving him a kiss on the cheek. The love birds are staying together.

05-16-15_3-50 PM.jpg

Early the next morning, Pocahontas ages up all by herself.

05-16-15_8-11 PM.jpg

I am finally a young adult. She thinks. Tonight will be the night.


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