Chapter 6

Chapter 6

In the last chapter, Francesca gets a promotion. Pocahontas becomes angry at Cinderella and plots revenge by inviting Andy over for dinner.

Within the next few days things are turning back to normal, despite a few incidents.

Cinderella cooks different meals to feed her family…



and relaxes by the pool side.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 22.06.46

However, that relaxation quickly disappears when she finds out that Aden is failing.

“Grades are very important! Don’t you want to be successful?” She exclaims, “You may be a Genius but you still have to put in effort at school.”

Screenshot 2015-06-11 22.47.47

Screenshot 2015-06-11 22.48.47.jpg

04-11-15_12-45 AM

Aden, embarrassed and ashamed says, “Mom I promise I will get my grades up.”

Cinderella replies, “I know that you will, my boy.”

The siblings relationships with each other increase as they spend quality time with each other.

04-11-15_1-13 AM

Aden is working hard to get his grades up after the lecture from his mother.

04-11-15_1-24 AM-2

Cindy has become a young adult with a job as a mail room technician in the business department.

04-11-15_1-56 AM

But to relieve stress of the new job, she gardens.

04-11-15_2-09 AM

Erin converses with her mom about the old times.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 22.54.04(2)

Francesca and Elijah go on a date at the library.

04-11-15_3-11 AM

It seemed to be starting off really well…

04-11-15_3-12 AM

Until it turned sour… Elijah was spotted being flirted with… or was he the flirtee?

04-11-15_3-18 AM

This makes Francesca utterly upset with jealousy.

04-11-15_3-18 AM-2

Francesca completely ignores Elijah for a little while at least.

Elijah: “She was coming onto me. I didn’t do anything..”

“That’s not what it looked like.” Francesca replies.

.. uh oh, talk about trouble in paradise.

04-11-15_3-20 AM

Meanwhile, Pocahontas continues her routine of sneaking out to see Andy at their favorite forest.

04-08-15_8-23 PM

Along their walk, they come across a cabin.

“This is so beautiful” says Pocahontas, “let’s go to the very top.”

04-08-15_8-30 PM.jpg

04-08-15_8-31 PM.jpg

After they climb their way to the top, they share a kiss.

05-16-15_2-10 PM.jpg

Suddenly, when she arrives home, her happiness fades as she is greeted by an unexpected surprise.

Why do you keep pushing me Cinderella? Pocahontas thinks.


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