Chapter 5

Chapter 5

In the last chapter, Pocahontas skipped school to see Andy. While they confirmed their dating status, they planned for him to meet Cinderella. Aden ages up into a teen. Cinderella tries to set up Pocahontas with Paxton. Pocahontas doesn’t take this very well.

In Francesca’s room, Pocahontas is livid that Cinderella is trying to fix her together with someone.

“He was a nice young man, wasn’t he? So handsome and curious and such a sweet talker too.” Cinderella tells Pocahontas.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 21.44.25

“Why would you ever try to sell me like that?” Pocahontas shouts. “How could you!”

“Oh please darling stop yelling. I think they can hear you in Oasis Springs.” Cinderella replies.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 21.45.50

“Aughhh..” Pocahontas growls. “My mother would never do that to me. And she’s your sister, how could you do that to your sister’s daughter?”

“She was my favorite and only sister that one. But running through so many careers. I told her she would be in the sim’s book of records for the most attempted and failed careers.” Cinderella giggles.

“Your not even listening!” Pocahontas yells.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 21.47.14

“But to answer your question, it’s very simple.” Cinderella states, “You, Pocahontas, are the heir to this lineage. The last woman to ever been born into this family makes you the heir.”

“I know this” frustrates Pocahontas.

“Then act like it.” Cinderella says firmly. “You are the heir. You have responsibilities to make sure this lineage keeps moving. Own up to them.

Pocahontas storms out the room and says “NEVER!”

“Oh dear” Cinderella exclaims, “so stubborn that one.”

Meanwhile, Erin admires the art in her dining room.

03-26-15_3-53 AM

Francesca has gotten promoted to Freelance Article Writer.

04-08-15_11-29 PM

Aden uses the Observatory.

04-09-15_1-01 AM

Cindy consoles an upset Pocahontas.

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on?” Cindy pries.

“You wouldn’t understand.” Pocahontas sobs.

04-08-15_11-25 PM-3

“Well what I do understand is that you’ve been going off sneaking around and not telling anyone.” Cindy states.

“How do you know about that?” Pocahontas asks.

“Ever since the night you snuck out. I was there. Then I managed to know you weren’t at school today, weren’t you? I was wondering why you were the first one out the house and so giddy with excitement.” Cindy explains.

Pocahontas stood stunned.

04-08-15_11-25 PM-2

“Now spill the beans. What going on?” Cindy continues to pry.

“Fine” Pocahontas finally says. “I met a guy and I love him, but he’s rather different. Anyways, I wanted to invite him here to meet Cinderella. But it may be a bad idea now since she’s trying to hook me up with a guy she thinks is suited. Aughh.”

“Well why don’t you invite him over anyway. The worse that can happen is she getting mad and banishes you from ever seeing him again which makes you run away and elope.” Cindy says, bursting out laughing.

“It’s not funny” Pocahontas says. Running away just to elope. she thinks. not a bad idea Cindy. 

04-08-15_11-26 PM

“So tell me where did you meet him.. ” persists Cindy.

Later that evening. Pocahontas thinks to herself I will bring him home for dinner to meet Cinderella. Someday. 


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