Chapter 4

Chapter 4

In the last Chapter, Cinderella attempts and achieves to find a suitor for Pocahontas and Pocahontas sets a date to see Andy the next day during school time.

The next morning Pocahontas starts her day with leftover Blackened Bass.

04-08-15_8-00 PM

And becomes the first one to head out for school, but we already know she isn’t really going to school that day.

04-08-15_8-05 PM

She is going to meet up with her blue-ish lover, Andy who can’t seem to live without seeing her. He is so grateful that she has come.

04-08-15_8-24 PM

He blows her a kiss.

04-08-15_8-27 PM

She is really digging him and their quirky ways. They are so comfortable around each other.

04-08-15_8-28 PM

Then she says, “Lets make it official.”

He stares confused. “What official?”

“Us, let’s make us official. I will definitely take you to meet Cinderella.”

“But what about-”

“All that doesn’t matter Cinderella will understand.. she has to. Status and money isn’t everything.”

“Whatever makes you happy, my Pocahontas.”

They are happy about their plan and dating status.

04-08-15_8-26 PM

Meanwhile back at the house while the kids are at school and Francesca is at work, Cinderella is getting the house in order for a guest arrival.




After school, Erin is painting a new portrait.

03-31-15_4-54 AM

Aden ages up. He is officially a teenager that is a genius.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 21.30.14.jpg

Cindy is reading Crisis Barn.

04-08-15_7-08 PM

Pocahontas is fluttering with butterflies and ecstasy when she comes home.

04-08-15_9-22 PM-2

Until she is called by Cinderella to come into the back of the house, and has an unexpected surprise waiting for her.

03-22-15_7-07 PM

What and who is this? Pocahontas thinks.

“Oh Darling this is Paxton. He’s a handsome young fellow, isn’t he?”

“Ummm…” Pocahontas stands confused.

Paxton stands and introduces himself. “I am Paxton as she said. You are as beautiful as your mother.”

Screenshot 2015-06-11 21.37.24.

Pocahontas awkwardly stands there trying to figure this all out.

“Paxton is an Athlete that plays for the local basketball team. He currently has many endorsement deals which will result in financial success.”

Then at that moment Pocahontas knew. She’s trying to set me up. She wants me to marry him. Someone I barely know. 

“Oh come have a seat dear” Cinderella says to Pocahontas.

03-22-15_7-03 PM

As she sits, she ignores their ramblings about his qualities and her assets. She is processing this dreadful occurrence.

In the middle of their conversation, Pocahontas interrupts to say, “Cinderella, can I speak to you in the next room.”

03-22-15_7-03 PM-2

“Why of course you may dear.” She says to Pocahontas. She switches to Paxton and says “Thank You for coming over to meet my daughter. As you can see she’s a bit of a handful, but that’s because she’s strong.”

“It was my pleasure,” he states, “she was just ever so lovely.”

As he walks out the door, you could hear Pocahontas and Cinderella conversing in Francesca’s room.

I can’t believe you!” Pocahontas shouts while all else is quiet.


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