Chapter 3

Chapter 3

In the last Chapter, Francesca invites Elijah over to meet the family. Pocahontas falls in love with Andy and sneaks out to see him, not knowing that Cindy has seen her. Cinderella is at the park with gentlemen. What exactly is she doing there?

Cinderella is trying to find a suitor for Pocahontas, her newly adopted daughter, and the youngest of the girls. Since Pocahontas is the youngest girl in the family ever born. Cinderella has made her the heir of the lineage that she will entrust her fortunes to, but with that responsibility comes with finding a suitable husband she can trust with her money as well and contribute too. I can’t trust my fortune to just any body, she thinks.

She first meets with Hunch France.


He’s balding but has a nice complexion. He looks conventionally preppy.  


Oh dear, she agonizes, he’s unemployed. 

The next guy she interviews is Leonel Platt.


He’s greying, I see. she acknowledges, maybe an older man is better for her. He’ll die off quickly and he seems to be a decent man at that. 


However, I don’t think a local gardener is suitable for my daughter. Perhaps someone that can generate more revenue.

Next, she questions Guy Cheslar.


He seems like a very laid back person and he’s in the science field. 


But that mustache and pink earrings make him look horrific. This is going to be a long day, she sighs.

Meanwhile, back at the house. Francesca is at work. After school, Erin and Cindy tease each other like sisters normally do.

03-22-15_8-10 PM-2.jpg

03-22-15_8-10 PM

Aden releases his energy by doing push ups.

03-22-15_8-27 PM

While everyone is occupied, Pocahontas just so happens to see Andy outside the door.

03-31-15_4-57 AM.jpg

Though she is currently in the middle of eating, she knows she has to prevent her family from seeing him. She opens the door questioning why he has come.

03-31-15_5-02 AM-2

He explains “I know we just saw each other last night, but I just couldn’t bear not seeing you again, ”

03-31-15_4-59 AM.jpg

I feel the same way, she thinks. but he can not be here. Cinderella may be back soon.

03-31-15_5-02 AM.jpg

“Ok,” she states, “tomorrow lets meet up at our spot in the morning.” “Don’t you have school?” he asks.

“Yes, but I’ll miss it for you. Cinderella will never know. She’ll just think I’m at school.” she says.

03-31-15_6-01 AM

With their date scheduled for tomorrow, a relieved and excited Pocahontas comes back in the house.

03-31-15_6-07 AM-2

That night Francesca and Elijah become inseparable on the coach.

03-22-15_9-30 PM

03-22-15_9-30 PM-2.jpg

Meanwhile, Cinderella is coming home with joy after a long day of meeting and conversing with gentlemen.


I think I found him. she thinks. someone for my Pocahontas.


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