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Cinderella, the daughter of Snow White, is a generous soul. She looks after others and doesn’t complain about a thing. She does all the chores and cooks every meal to satisfy her family. When Cinderella became a teen, she eventually married and fell in love with Edward.

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He absolutely adored Cinderella’s generosity and kindness that he couldn’t help but fall in love with her. But he realized that the tiny house that she grew up in was not sufficient enough for the them two and her siblings. Since the family couldn’t bare to separate, they moved into a much bigger place. That suited Cinderella’s liking.


Upon Cinderella and Edward’s nuptial, they had 3 children.

The first one was Cindy named after Cinderella and is the splitting image of Cinderella.

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Cindy is a green thumb at heart. She loves working in the garden and being outdoors to just admire nature and the world around her.

The second child was named Erin after Edward and she looks just like her father with blue eyes. These blue eyes seem to be running through every child Cinderella conceives.

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Erin has a love for art. She can draw and paint the most brilliant works.

The last child is Aden.

He is fairly shy and timid. He struggles to talk to people without making things awkward.

Cinderella’s older sister, Girl,

has also found her soulmate and started a family with Frank Hills.

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Frank is a famous bartender who makes excellent drinks. If anyone needed someone to tend their bar at a party, Frank was the name to call. When they eloped they had 2 children.

Francesca was the first, named after her father.

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Francesca is an aspiring author. She is very creative and loves to read books. Her sense of style is very unique. and her haircut.. is just edgy.

Her sister was named Pocahontas.

Pocahontas Portrait

Pocahontas means “the naughty one”. Though Pocahontas has been obedient up until now.., eventually she will drift from that obedience and become… rebellious.

The family has remained close up until now because of the deaths of Snow White, Happy, Sleepy, Edward, Dopey, Grumpy, and David. Will this eventually change?


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