Snow White

Snow White

The lineage begins with a heart warming princess. So gentle and kind. Lips as red as roses and skin as white as snow. She had been living with her evil step mother until her death.

02-06-15_6-02 PM-2
Unable to escape the confines of the evil queen she married a princely fellow who would help her learn how to live.
02-06-15_3-54 PM-2
With him she bores, 7 beautiful children that she called her little “dwarfs”.
She named the first one was Happy after the happiness she felt after being recently married and starting a family.
02-07-15_12-26 AM-4
Happy is a rambunctious soul. Active and fit. He always helps Snow with his siblings and income for the growing family.

The second one she named Sleepy after how little sleep she has gotten with the new baby and how little she will get with the more babies to come.

02-07-15_2-51 AM
Sleepy was ever such a lazy child. He almost never cleans and barely helps out taking care of his siblings. He was only into his music. His bestfriends are the violin and the piano.

The third of this so growing family was Grumpy. Oh how grumpy and tired she has been since the new kids. She has barely had any time for herself, her husband is always working, and the step mother well… any step closer she may actually physically harm the baby.
02-08-15_2-06 AM-3
Grumpy was the artist of the family. He was always so mad for no apparent reason. Though, despite his indiscretions he did help out with his siblings when he was able to. His anger helped him paint the utmost beautiful paintings anyone has ever seen.

After 3 tries Snow White had finally bore a girl, something she was wishing for, hoping for. To consolidate this unexpected fate, she named the fourth child, Girl.
With attributes of her mother and father, Girl was always looking for something that made her feel whole, True Love. She searched everywhere for it and ran through 2 careers looking for it. Until,…. she finally found it.

The 5th child, she named Dopey. She named him this because the look on his face was so gratifyingly funny when he was born, it was the perfect fit for him.
02-08-15_2-17 AM-5
Every family has their comedian. Dopey just so happens to be it. Forever cracking jokes with his family, bringing the sadness into a new light, and filling the world with laughter, Dopey was a joy to be around.

The 6th child of this big family was named Sneezy after how many times Snow White had morning sickness during her pregnancy and sneezed.
02-09-15_1-16 AM-5
Sneezy was the last boy of this family filled with mainly males. Being so, he was a total slob and never cleaned like his older brother, Sleepy, but he could wrangle you a good fish to cook dinner with.

Lastly, Snow White had another girl. She named her Cinderella because she was the last of the bunch. The name “Cinderella” to Snow White meant achievement. Snow White had a long road dealing with he evilness of her step mother that Cinderella and the rest of her family were her achievements so she consolidated that fact by naming her
Cinderella Portrait
 Cinderella, the heir of the next generation. She is the embodiment of the achievements that her mother has reached so far. What more is there to come from Cinderella?

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